Jupiter UTC

CM1: 170.10°

CM2: 244.50°

CM3: 326.80°

CLat: -2.90°


Our first Jupiter of this apparition with the C11. The seeing was only slightly above average, but there are still a few things to note. The Great Red Spot is distinctly orange. Below that is Red Oval BA, which passed conjunction with the GRS at the beginning of November. Even further south are three anticyclonic white ovals.

In the northern hemisphere, the North Temperate Belt has regained its usual dark coloring. White Oval Z is about to set and is visible as a white smudge between the North Equatorial Belt and the NTB. There also appears to be a small outbreak in the NEB.


Celestron 2x


Celestron EdgeHD 11

Name Longitude 1 Longitude 2 Longitude 3 Latitude Measurer
GRS P. End 174.3° 248.7° 331° -23.6° EGC
GRS F. End 187.9° 262.3° 344.6° -23.2° EGC
GRS S. Edge 181.5° 255.9° 338.2° -27.2° EGC
GRS N. Edge 180.9° 255.3° 337.7° -18.2° EGC
GRS Center 181.1° 255.5° 337.9° -22.7° EGC