Jupiter UTC

CM1: 346.90°

CM2: 89.30°

CM3: 283.60°

CLat: -3.60°


Poor seeing once again for this session and the occasional cloud made consistent imaging difficult. There's a notable long barge just north of the NTB. The NEB appears wavy as it recedes in width. The EZ has a hint of orange. Oval BA appears light orange at the moment. The STB ghost is closely trailing it but isn't visible in this image due to the conditions.

Object Region Name Longitude 1 Longitude 2 Longitude 3 Latitude Measurer
RF2_WOS-BC C4 BA F. end 342.1° 84.5° 278.8° -32.9° EGC
RP2_WOS-BC C4 BA P. end 334.7° 77.1° 271.4° -32.7° EGC
RC2_WOS-BC C4 Oval BA 338.6° 81° 275.3° -32.9° EGC
DF2_STRK R2 D. Streak F. end 338.2° 80.7° 275° 32.1° EGC
DP2_STRK R2 D. Streak P. end 322.1° 64.6° 258.9° 31.6° EGC
DC2_STRK R2 Dark Streak 330.1° 72.5° 266.9° 31.9° EGC


Tele Vue 2.5x Powermate

Celestron C14 EdgeHD