Jupiter UTC

CM1: 29.40°

CM2: 329.10°

CM3: 194.20°

CLat: -3.80°


Seeing deteriorated slightly compared to the previous image, but remained very good.


  • The NTB is fading.
  • White Oval Z is rising.
  • The NEBn is receding.
  • The NEB has a couple rifts and outbreaks.
  • The EZ is tinted orange.
  • The Great Red Spot has an intense brick red coloration. A few features, including its dark core, are visible.
  • The wake of the GRS is small.
  • Material from the SEBs is being pulled around the GRS and into the STZ, where it forms a thin belt circling the planet.
  • Oval BA is rising.
  • The South Polar Red Spot is setting.



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