Mars UTC

CM1: 301.90°

CLat: -13.20°


Seeing became good after we moved on from Saturn to Mars. However, clouds were passing through the area, leaving me to make quick captures when an opening passed in front of Mars. I believe a good color balance for the ASI224MC has been found after two years of working on it. It leaves the surface color a little paler than I like, but features that are white are now appear white in photos taken with this camera.


  • The north polar hood is peeking over the northern limb, presumably above the dust.
  • The global dust storm has left a very opaque view of most of the surface.
  • Hellas Basin appears to be covered by a completely opaque cloud of dust, which also appears to be extending east out of the basin.
  • The south polar cap is covered in dust on the eastern side, but mostly clear on the western side.


Celestron X-Cel 3x


Celestron EdgeHD 8