Saturn UTC

CM1: 238.30°

CM2: 289.30°

CM3: 42.70°

CLat: +15.20°


Our first time taking the EdgeHD 14 outside since September. Perhaps the Astro-Physics 1100GTO and Mach2GTO mounts we've been using for deep sky imaging have spoiled me, but managing such a large and heavy setup on the CGEM DX seemed much harder than I remember. Frequent breezes and the telescope starting far out of collimation did not help.

Seeing was not the best, but it was certainly good enough for some nice details. The southern hemisphere is emerging from a long and cold winter, which has caused the yellow-brown haze to clear out and leave shades of purple and blue. As the intensity of sunlight increases as equinox approaches over the next few years, we will see the normal colors return.



Astro-Physics Advanced Convertible Barlow

Celestron EdgeHD 14

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